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Make Your Impact Through Voting

A Quick and Easy Guide Providing Information and Resources To Help New Voters To Vote

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Our mission is to provide a reliable source of Voter education in the United States and to help eligible high school and college students begin the process of Voting through Voter registration. AZ Teen Voter is dedicated to providing resources for new Voters to register to Vote and participate in our democracy. EVERY Vote counts, and I hope you join the nonpartisan movement to increase Voter turnout. 

According to the United States Census, in the 2016 Presidential election, roughly 61.4% of the eligible population Voted. A staggering 100 million United States citizens did not Vote. Young Voters between the ages of 18 and 29 had the lowest Voter turnout of any age group at 46.1%. In the 2020 election, Voter turnout reached its highest rate in 120 years at 66.7%. Young voters retained the lowest turnout at 53%.

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