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Voting as a College Student

As an 18-year-old you are probably making your way out of your home and into a college dorm, and as you know with adulthood comes many changes. As an adult, you can now buy a lottery ticket, officially sue someone and most importantly vote! 


Voting is extremely important. With 17 million undergraduates enrolled in US colleges today, the vote of college undergraduates will certainly affect the outcome of any election. With this new great power [and address] comes a responsibility [to change said address]. So to become a new voter in our democracy, follow these steps to ensure you are voting correctly:


Out-of-State College Students:

- If you are registered in your home state and are attending school out of state

(e.g. study in New York, live and vote in Arizona): learn how to submit an absentee ballot [aka a mail-in ballot] by clicking here


- If you have a permanent or temporary residence in the state where you attend college (e.g. study in Arizona, live and vote in Arizona), you can update your voter registration with your new address by clicking here.  


And remember, registering to vote in more than one state is illegal. You must register in your home state or the state where you attend school.


Once you have properly registered, make sure that you familiarize yourself with the current candidates in your area and their stance on various issues before voting, 


Finally, if you are voting in person, find your polling place by checking your state's election office website to avoid getting lost or missing your voting deadline. You can find your polling place here

For more information on local candidates visit the polling place. 


Now that you know what to do, take control of your future and have fun at the polls!

Mail-In Voting and Absentee Ballots: Resources
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Mail-in Voting and Absentee Ballots


Mail-in Voting is a system by which American citizens can Vote in the comfort of their own homes and send in their ballots through the mail. Ballots are mailed beginning 27 days before Election Day.



There are two lists you can put yourself on:


1.      Permanent Early Voting List (AEVL)

PEVL registers you as a Voter by mail. On this list, you will be given mail-in ballots for each election you are Voting in during the election year. You will have to rejoin this list for the next elections.


2.     Ballot by Mail List 

On the Ballot by Mail List, you register for mail-in Voting for one specific election you choose. You must also rejoin this list for the next elections. AZ Driver’s License or Non-Operating ID number is required.



To join the mail-in ballots list, click the "AZ Voting by Mail" button. You can request an absentee ballot (Voting by mail at a time that suits you rather than receiving your ballot in the mail on a certain day) by clicking the "Absentee Ballot" button.

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